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INVEST Magazine Shaping The Future of Downstream Industry

Shaping The Future of Downstream Industry

Dear Investors,

The downstream industry plays a critical role in Indonesia’s

economic development. We want to process our abundant

natural resources into final products ready for public

consumption, provide employment opportunities, and

generate significant revenue for the country.


For this reason, the Indonesian government is firmly

committed to developing the downstream industry.

The Ministry of Investment/BKPM has contributed to this

effort by creating a roadmap for Indonesia’s downstream

industry, which provides investors with a clear overview

of natural resources and natural reserves, technology and

market projections, in 8 sectors and 21 commodities for the

next two decades. It will enable investors to make informed

decisions about investing in our downstream industry.

Indonesia also continues to improve the investment

ecosystem, facilitate licensing, provide legal certainty, and

provide special incentives for priority investment sectors.

In addition to the economic sector, Indonesia continues to

improve human resources quality through various programs,

such as up-skilling and re-skilling, as well as establishing

polytechnics in collaboration with industry.

Indonesia is very open to working together to develop the

downstream industry. Let’s start investing in this sector and

take part in Indonesia’s growth.

Bahlil Lahadalia

Minister of Investment/

Chairman of BKPM

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